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Partner Network

Vytality’s Efficiency & Renewables Program (VERP), incentivizes our immense affiliate network across North America, to connect their large commercial relationships, with our partner network’s products and services.


Our vast and diverse Partner network is the core of Vytality.  We passionately support people and businesses who are positive change agents and challenge the status quo.  Whether you are an industry leader or independent patent holder looking to take your product or service to market, we can help.  Our network is a self perpetuating ecosystem of clients and vendors that will bring you prosperity & Vytality.

Our 5 Step RFQ Process:

Client Lead Generated

Vytality Group generates clients  through it's immence network of affiliates, online marketing efforts and direct sales force across North America.

RFQ is Generated

Vytality Group's senior staff members will work with the client to gather facility specifications, preliminary efficiency opportunities and budgetary parameters.

RFQ is Distributed

Once Vytality's client approves the RFQ, a preliminary document will be (electronically) distributed to Vytality's Strategic Partner Network.  Partners participation is voluntary

Appraisal & Submission

Partners will have opportunity to review the document, submit questions, conduct a preliminary energy audit of the clients facilities (when necessary), propose revisions and/or addendums to the original document and submit a preliminary quote.

Project Awarding

After three rounds of submissions, one or multiple partners will be awarded project exclusivity in accordance with terms of the final RFQ

We provide our partners with a steady pipeline of large commercial energy efficiency audit prospects.  Minimizing our partner's customer acquisition costs and maximizing client savings

Our strategic partners network is what differentiates Vytality from any other company in the market. Our network contains a broad spectrum of people and companies, that are pioneering efficiencies around resources in engineering, technology and finance

To better market our partner's products and services, we work closely with them to develop not only a deep understanding of their offerings, but their strategy, mission and values.  This way we are able to maximize marketability of each partners individual strengths. Our partners have a voice, as we provide them with the opportunity to present their latest offerings and innovations. Giving our sales force the tools and knowledge to maximize prospect to client conversions.

Prospect Generation

Go To Market

How We Are Different