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The deregulation of energy gives you a groundbreaking opportunity to earn cash by providing your commercial clients a better deal on a service they’re already using.


Vytality Group was started with the intention of work alongside community and commerce leaders in building more effective energy efficiency strategies for it's affiliates.  Our team deeply believes in partnering with local government and NGO's, including Chambers of Commerce, coalitions, agencies and foundations.

When you join Vytality’s Energy Earner Program (VEEP), you’ll gain these access to the below advantages.

An Easy-to-Use 5 step process:

Upload bill

Upload your prospect’s latest utility bill into Vytality’s “FREE Bill Audit” online form

Receive savings proposal

You’ll receive your client’s comprehensive utility bill audit and savings analysis proposal (PDF) via email, within 2 to 5 days (depending on the size of your client) of your submission

Present proposal to client

Confirm with your client, that they are indeed interested in receiving a lower monthly energy rate and saving an average of X% (see savings analysis proposal) on their monthly energy bill

Notify Vytality


Notify your Vytality assigned Energy rep with your clients preferred date and time of contact, and we will schedule a 5 minute third party verification (TPV) conference call.  You will receive an email confirmation of the executed agreement

Get paid

Receive monthly residuals, that will be directly deposited into your bank account

Between our network of 80+ energy suppliers and seasoned support staff, you are sure to find some of the best savings opportunity for your clients

You are your own boss so allow us to be your support team and take care of the heavy lifting.  Spend more time on what’s important to you

Create a steady monthly income steam and earn while you sleep! Provide savings to people already inside your network, who are already using natural gas and/or electricity.  And you don’t need to be an experienced sales person to promote a FREE seamless service that offers savings on a product everyone needs.

Guaranteed Savings

Superior Support

Extra Income Stream

Ask us about Vytality’s Efficiency & Renewables Program (VERP): which includes lucrative commissions on large commercial Energy Efficiency Audit projects.  This may include but is not limited to LED, Solar, Building Automation or HVAC projects.